Cigars nix at the flix?

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Of all the film joints in all the towns in all the world, they had to stalk into mine.
Yeah, well, so I rewrote that famous line by Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.  
But he wouldn't have minded for he loved to
smoke, even though it killed him in the end.

For those fecking anti-smokers are on the bully again.
 This time they want to extend the
smoking ban from the inside of
every cinema to every film on the screen.

I presume that means retrospectively and would include many a
fine film made in Dublin.
Such as The Commitments, a late 1980s
comedy based on oddy Doyle's story in which
the nicotine
habit was still legally enjoyed inside and out of the city's bars.

And then there was Educating Rita where Dublin's Trinity
and University colleges stood
in for Liverpool.  I'm sure
Sir Michael Caine would have felt right at home in Dublin, for in
those days he used to love a fine cigar.
James Joyce loved cigars too – sure, didn't I once get to sniff his cigar case and temporarily 
house one of my Montecristo No.2s
in it.  His short story, The Dead, was partly filmed in
by John Huston, who once lived in style in Galway where he smoked his cigars to
heart's content.
Meanwhile, the anti's are keeping their stupid gobs shut when anybody asks if they also want 
to ban drinking, violence, fast
food and unnatural sex from the movies. But then why would they,
there'd be nothing left for them to do.

Talking of which, it was only the other day that myself and Guy
Hancock at the DCE were making
a list of  great cigar-friendly
films we love to inhale to.
Oddly enough, our list included some of those nicotine-friendly movies made here which are 
currently being promoted
by Visit Dublin's website – which describes the city as a breath of
fresh air.

Jaysus!  You couldn't make it up if  you tried.