Vampires suck at smoking

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Dublin's stalwart inhabitants recently survived Halloween and the city's third annual Bram Stoker Festival. Unfortunately there are still blinkered bands of 21st century vampires a.k.a. the anti-smoking-lobby sucking the blood and money out of dedicated nicotine companions.

They're also trying to put a stake through the heart of our right to enjoy a legally purchased cigar in peace.



Lets fire up the fringe

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Did you know the annual Tiger Dublin Fringe transforms Ireland's capital into a platform for great creative talent from around the globe for 16 days?

Well you do now.

This year the Fringe runs from 5-20 September, in a determined attempt to move and invigorate its growing audience.

The trouble is, I cannot ignite a cigar (or anything else) inside one of the city's artistic venues. Such an act usually clears a room – of smokers, anyway.

Which sort of reminds me of my first trip to the tobacco fields of Brazil a few years ago, and a cultural evening spent at Sao Felix, in Bahia.


Oh I do like a seegar beside the seaside

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Oh I do like a seegar beside the seaside

I know this may sound bleedin' obvious if you care to peruse my biog ( but when I'm not in Dublin, I'm usually in Cowes. 

Yes, the former is in Ireland and the latter on an island off the southern coast of England but, in their own way, they are both small towns.

Indeed, Cowes is a very small place but has more than its fair share of watering holes within staggering distance. As for enjoying a fine cigar – well, it's best to pick a beach on a dry day.  Thanks be to God there are plenty of them on the Isle of Wight (beaches, not dry days).